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Changing Patterns of Marriage Ceremonies (Part-5)

Changing Patterns of Marriage Ceremonies (Part-5)

    Electronic Media


Interactive and electronic mass media was playing role in the diffusion of cultural traits. Through this, social and cultural variations achieved importance in the life of individuals of the society. Mass media provided help in understanding the family issues and their solutions for a specific society. It had a lot of positive aspects which could be mentioned that it was a source of interaction among various groups to solve the problems of the society.

Different people with various ethnic groups, ideologies and cultures met together at a single plate forum to understand and explain their challenges. Parent’s interests and activities influenced their children by many ways. It was direct and indirect communication process in between parents and their children. It was found in examining the parents understanding and interests and their effects on their children.

Cable and Television played their role in the change of marriage patterns. Especially the Dramas, movies, romantic music and love stories in the movies influenced the children in the line of marriage. The concepts of fashion and modernization also diffused in the culture of the rural societies. Girls and boys liked their lovers and promoted the love marriages. Similarly these programs also put influence on the change of the patterns of marriage. Some were included and some were excluded. These were the result of watching television and its programs like romantic movies and love stories.

Table 9 Total number of respondent’s viewers

Source No. of Respondents
TV 110
Radio 64
Newspaper and Magazines 30
DVD 24
Total 228
(Source: Field work data during research)



With the inventions of mobiles and electronic media the cultural variations occurred with a high rate and degree. The cellular companies have influenced the cultural values of the societies. Different cellular companies have provided cheap call rate packages to their users. The users of all ages can communicate timely and detailed conversations has enhanced the closeness and reduced the communication gaps among the individuals of the society.

In Taunsa there are many cellular companies to provide the telecommunication services. Mostly the households have mobiles in their houses. Boys and girls are also enjoying these services. They get connect many hours on daily basis with the lovers and communicate each other every aspect of their lives in detail. This is increasing the understanding each other and loving each other.

There was a time that only one telephone was available for communication. But now the case is different and people are getting connected every moment to update their statuses. It also changes the cultural patterns of marriages in the city of Taunsa. They communication and sharing of ideas and beliefs is influencing the patterns. New innovations are enforcing the people to be changed according to the need of the time and space.

Total number of users of products of telecommunication


No. of Household

Mobile 220
Skype 132
Telephone 60
Facebook 48
Twitter 50
Total 506
(Source: Field work data during research)



There are two basic concepts which are friends, and stranger in the societies. The friends are considered as the well-wishers of the people and strangers are unexpected. Mostly they are considered as enemies. Marriage is the process of converting the relations into reliable and acceptable forms. Alliances are the outcomes of the institution of marriages in the social structure of the societies. Individual cannot live alone throughout the life.


They need groups and families for their survival. So the only way to convert enemies into friends is the marriage. When the individual of alien or stranger group marry with other group, it leads to new development of social relations. It brings support for both groups because of marriage. Such kind of marriages is called as exogamy. Exogamy also brings changes in the ceremonies and patterns of marriages due to differential in the cultural values and norms of both groups.



The nature of human beings is expressed through their action and behaviours. They try to compete over things, material or immaterial for making it different and attracting to others. This is psychological perspective that humans like to be proud and superior from others.

This competition arises due to the achievement of honour and prestige in the society. This competition leads to innovations in the activities of the performing any ritual or ceremony which ultimately modifies the originality and traditionalistic ways.

The case in the perspectives of marriage ceremonies in Taunsa, is significantly demonstrating modifications in the ceremonies of marriages. The focus of change is to achieve prestige and honour in the society. People look the others in demonstrating and performing the ceremonies of marriages and try to have more respect, popularity, prestige and status as compared to others.

They look that one family has spent 2 million in the marriage and performed a lot of new functions and fashions in ceremonies.  The other family in competition tries to spend 4 million in the marriage and performs a lot of new things to be more proud and popular in the society. This continuous competition is leading to the changes and modifications in the patterns of marriage ceremonies.

This utmost competition starts and increases the chances of new ceremonies which are supported by the invention, diffusion and socio-cultural differences in the society. No culture is pure as culture is people interpret. The variations occur due to the processes of social and economic change in the society. Other factors are also responsible for the modifications in the cultural values.


Occupation is the name for doing work to survive in the cut throat competitive societies. Economic disorder and instability forces the people to generate the reasonable sources of income. With the modernity and development of new technologies the people are now able to survive as better as they can. The industrial revolution influenced many social and cultural ceremonies all over the world. Same is the situation in Taunsa. The monetizing of things and services reduces the reciprocity and social obligations in the specific societies. There was a time when every member of the group reciprocates things and services among the community. But the situations have now changed.


The mechanization has weakened due to this new economic system. Now people of Taunsa hire lower income people to do that work on payment of cash. The movement of people from one place to other, one city to other, one country to other has been facilitated by the new safe and secure transport systems. Now people migrate to urban cities and earn more money instead of cultivation and harvesting that was a group activity for survival and subsistence. They usually buy the goods and services with economic transactions.


This is the main reason for change in the patterns of marriage ceremonies. Now you can buy everything with money in this materialistic society. That is why the modifications are frequently occurring in the ceremonies.

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