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US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-10

US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-10

Indian vicinity in Afghanistan: Threat for Pakistan

“Neighbours are viewed as foes and an adversary’s quick neighbour as a Friend”


It is important to note that the neighbours are always considered as tool for the advancement of technology and other systems of the country. The institutions of the country are dependent upon the cooperation and support of the good neighbours. They play vital change and improve the defense and strategic skills. But the situations about Pakistan are not well as its neighouring countries li9ke India and Afghanistan are not supporting Pakistan. They look Pakistan in a bad manner. The relations of Pakistan with Indai and Afghanistan are not good. India is the worst enemy of Pakistan.  The Indian concerns are alarming for the stability of Pakistan.  After 9/11, the entire circumstance has extensively changed. India entered into the new extraordinary amusement and got the favourable help from the Karzai government. India then again fortifies the Northern   Organization together by giving high elevation weapons to them.[1]

India and Afghanistan are now working at the improvement of Afghanistan. India is working to eradicate the reliance of Afghanistan on Pakistan. e.g. 218 km street that connections Zaranj on the Iran-Afghanistan outskirt and  Delaram on South Afghanistan.  Thus the ultimately results will be the weakness of Pakistan in the region. In a report sent to White House, Mcchrystalsaid that Indian governmental issues and budgetary impact is expanding in Afghanistan and the present Afghan government is recognized by Islamabad to be genius Indian[2].

India has started to invest in Afghanistan as it has provided $ 1.2 billion dollars for the incorporation of bases and military stations at 102 locations. India is planning for joint ventures of mega projects in the sector of energy and power generation.India will keep on having a key vicinity in Afghanistan regardless of the possibility that the NATO and U.S. strengths retreat Afghanistan.[3]

Indian political orientations are to strengthen Afghanistan and its impacts on Pakistan are instability and unrest. The most beneficial countries is India from Afghanistan. All these deliberations will win more access to Afghanistan.[4] Afghanistan might permit India to complete its malevolent secretive exercises against Pakistan.

Pakistan confronts two front war issues from Indian vicinity in Afghanistan. India could open an alternate front for Pakistan from Afghanistan and put Pakistan in problematic circumstance. India secured army installation, which is of extraordinary vital imperativeness. India has built its offices in Heerat, Mazare e Sharif, Jalalabad and Kandahar. Consistent with Pakistan, these offices are furnishing spread to Indian brainpower organizations to complete undercover operations against Pakistan. Mcchrystal likewise specified that developing impact of India might build strains in the region[5]. Pakistan might never acknowledge the negative part of India. Afghanistan and Pakistan can comprehend this better that substitute war sick profit none. America must guarantee this concern when it needs a stable Afghanistan. Long haul peace furthermore peacefulness could just be conceivable if Pakistan and Afghanistan both can hold hands against terrorism in correct sense.

Stability in Afghanistan

Pakistan tribal system is linked with the soundness of Afghanistan. The stable political systems of the Afghanistan are supporting the revival of Pashtunwali in the region and areas of Pak Afghan border. The role of Russia, China, Iran, and focal Asian States is also necessary to bring harmony, stability and peace in the region. The collective actions, cooperation’s and sharing for the territorial states is entailed to maintain stability that will result in peace in the region.


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