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US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-3

US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-3

COIN Strategy:

The War on Terror in Afghanistan was not decided by the President Obama who was inaugurated in January 2009. He found this war as inherited calamity for the United States of America. President Obama was not satisfied with the role of media regarding the documentation of the War on Terror in Afghanistan. The planning for military operation in Iraq was made by General David H. Petraeus which was ultimately opposed by the Senetar of President Obama in 2007.The President Obama believed that the General David H. Petraeus strategies for Iraq would be expected in the failure of operation like in Afghanistan. In the nut shell, the COIN based strategy for Iraq with same leader would be unfruitful for the interests of US. That is why; President Obama’s administration decided to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan in 2014.

The National Security Council started reviews in the beginning of late summer of 2009 to achieve its security goals. The importance was given to the different packages of force that was highlighted in the write up of Bob Woodward as “Obama’s Wars” throughout the debate. A national security analyst naming Anthony Cordesman had not agreed with these reviews. He emphasized on the most important elements of the strategy for security which were Afghan sleaze, tribal and ethnic strains and assortment, reserve supplies and outfitted and strategic hazard.

He States that these strategic reviews are not sufficient for the attainment of the security goals. These are just“…basically carries forward former policies to elevate U.S. troop echelons and missing the lucidity and aspect indispensable for a sustainable and effectual stratagem. The president of National Security Advisor published the President’s concluding direction and commands for Afghanistan and Pakistan on November 29th 2009.After two days US Military Academy had decided to send more thirty thousand military personnel in Afghanistan just to train the Afghan forces in countering the terrorism in the region. This task had eighteen months to complete in Afghanistan.

National Security Strategy (NSS) presented in May 2010 which followed the similar directions to destroy the militants of Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. According to this strategy the aim was to make arrangements for the elimination of militant groups from the world. It was also planned to reduce the danger of terrorism which was assumed for the Americans, and their coalition countries in the processes of War on Terror. In addition to these, there was a deep dire for the destruction of Al-Qaeda and Taliban and their safe heavens throughout the globe. This was done according to the doctrine of counterinsurgencies.


Bush’s Major Faults and War Crimes:


During the War on Terror many fighters of Taliban and Al-Qaeda were captured and put behind the bars. The question of concern was that the US forces were violating the Charter of Fundamental Human Rights Organization. The debate started for the prisoners of war and their human rights.  The details of these prisoners and their human rights were available in the Geneva Convention. There were a number of forced fighters recruited in the Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups. They had no interests with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Bush’s policies were not good for the humanity. His wrong decisions destroyed the respect of the state. He continuously made misdeeds and captured the fighters with brutal ways of treatment. The US forces ignored the guidance’s of Geneva Convention in Afghanistan.

The War on Terror was not a simple thing but it had essence of taking revenge and showing of aggression initiated with the 9/11 incident in US as the case of Iraq. This war started in 2001 and the battlefield was Afghanistan. This war was imposed and immediately decided in response of terrorists attacks. The Taliban government demanded evidences for the involvement of Osama Bin Ladin in terrorist attacks from US. Instead of providing evidences, US launched military operation in Afghanistan. Bush had not found an alternative to resolve this issue which could be peaceful and humane in nature. It was also notable that UN had not played its role in the conflict and not stopped US to launch a war in Afghanistan.

The article 2 of UN Charter was ignored by US who stated that all the members of the UN shall avoid the use of military forces against the territorial integrity of any state. Both countries, Afghanistan and Iraq had not directly attacked US and it was the US declaration of being super power for all the countries of the world. This action was against the international law.

US War on Terror infringed the rights of Afghani people for many years just to make their homeland as a battlefield. Similarly the situation of Iraq was not a simple attack. It led to raise a lot of miseries of human beings in their homelands. The current situation is alarming because being superpower, is to have the right of breaking the international laws. This unchecked superpower is frightening for the whole world. It can violate human rights at any time and any place which exists on this earth. Bush destroyed the democracy principles and indulged in the war crimes. These war crimes led by President Bush must be questioned in the court of law to stop for ever that will be the protection of human beings and their rights.


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