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US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-7

US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-7

Policy option for Pakistan

The question of state within a state is not alarming. But the systematic disorder, and unrest caused by the Taliban was horrible for the people of Pakistan. The Taliban were rigid and conservative according to their rules and regulations.  The Taliban movement is significant and it has popularity at regional as well as international levels. The need of time is that they would be considered as a power.  The question for a separate state of Taliban is an expected outcome in the long run. The recognition of the Taliban is better way to have massive losses instead.

Restricting trouble makers and out comers by careful use of force

How our country can stop these troublemakers? The ways to stop these out comers are the use of Special Forces operations and intelligence agencies. The safe places of Taliban in hilly areas should be cleared with the fastidious military operations. They strategy to overcome these militants like Uzbeks, Tajiks and Arabs should be beneficial to the subjects of the state.

The locals of the areas of military operation should be secured and safe to an optimum level. Pakistan army should win the trust of locals of tribal area to eliminate the militants as the cooperation of locals is mandatory for the successful cleansing of the out comers. The traditional customs and values should be considered as priority for the betterment of the locals. The Pakistan army should recognize the significance of the cultural norms of the Pashtun society. There can be prosperity, social, economical, political equilibrium in the areas of military operations.

Commencement of talks with willing warring groups

It is evident that military operations are full of heavy human and economic losses. So to avoid from priceless losses the best way is to initiate dialogues. The series of constructive dialogues would result in peace and prosperity. Military operations are severe in their nature, leading to losses of the country with longer period effects. The intermediaries should be involved in the processes of dialogues to overcome the losses. The miseries and sufferings of the people should be considered for the betterment of the locals.

Revival of Tribal System

The Tribal political system of Pashtun has its history aging from thousands of years ago. The specification of this Tribal political system is Pashtunwali code of conduct. According to this, Pashtun society is unique and traditional for its significance in their daily life matters.  The Pashtunwali code of life is an asset for the locals of Pashtun belts. They solve their social, political, and economical problems with the directions of Pashtunwali.It has its peculiar norms, value and customs owned by the people of Pashtu’s.

Unfortunately, with the incident of 9/11, this is badly affected to its stance. The norms of hospitality were targeted by the militants in the Pashtun areas. After reaching to a nominal rate, the militants started to murder the locals and their head chiefs. They killed the Maliks of the tribes to oppress the local people.Pashtunwali code was destroyed by the militants.A source, as it points out, some 600 influential Maliks and elders have been massacred in cold blood in 11 incidents of suicide attacks.

The only way of prosperity and social equilibrium is the revival of Pashtunwali code of life in the areas of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The tribal chiefs and head men should be empowered to revive the Pashtunwali. The role of Pakistan army should be supportive in praxis for the revival of Pashtunwali code of life. There state should provide political stability and security in the areas of unrest.

Massive Financial Aid and Rehabilitation Programme

The developmental projects have been lagged in these areas of unrest. Mostly the people of these areas are illiterate. The reason for this low literacy rate is that people of these areas are poor and low level of income to live a better life. They cannot afford the expenses of the colleges and universities locating in far off areas. There are no educational facilities for the students of these areas. It is ultimately considered that the social change can be possible with the help of free and fair education to the students of these tribal areas.

Rising local Militias or Lashkars

Community involvement is the best way of coping with the issues of the communities all over the world. Similarly, the local youngster should be trained and guided with the self defense strategies and skills.  Local fighter groups (Lashkars) should be organized. The Pakistan army has to provide a hand to these lashkars and guard them against the militants. In recent operation in Swat tribesman raised Militia to fight against Taliban. Pakistan army has supported such lashkars which are supporting in Bajaur, Khyber, Dir and Swat in civil defense. Pakistan military spokes person Athar Abbas said in his interview that operations in the tribal areas could not be possible without the help of the local people.


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