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US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-8

US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan (2001-2008) Part-8

The support of regional countries

The interlinked systematic opportunities are the main depending phenomenon in the studies of social sciences. Sensitivity analyses are considered because of their importance in the studies of the societies, states and countries.  That is why the stability of Afghanistan is linked with the stability of Pakistan. The countries of this region are required to get-together for the mutual interests of security and stability in the region. The role of Russia, Iran, China and central Asian states are significant to cope with the issues of security.

The need of advance technology

Today is period of modernity. Everything has been monetized and digitized. The result is the speediness of life on the globe. Accuracy, authenticity, reliability, surety and security are possible with the use of modern technology in the region. The technological devices can enhance the productivity of the human beings with the economy of time and space.  Pakistan is using these modern devices to control terrorism in the region but needs support to improve its efficacy from the international sources.

Tough Stance against the Drone Attacks

According to Oxford dictionary drone is a male bee, in particular a honeybee that is stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey but to mate with the queen bee. In warfare, Drone is a pilot less aircraft operated by remote control system. Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) also known as an unmanned aircraft system. It is the latest technology used in Afghanistan and Iraq for surveillance purposes.

Drone has been used in the US-led War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. The first drone attack in Pakistan was made in 2004 when the militants found shelter in Bajaur agency. The drone attacks became frequent in Pakistan after 2004 in the tribal areas. The arrival of US president changed the policies and its after effects was horrible. The frequency of drone attacks has increased to a number of double in the border areas of Pakistan.

The Drone technology is frequently adopted in Pakistan instead of direct military operations in the areas of militants. Drones are controlled in its bases located in Lang Ley, West Virginia, U.S.A, Khost (Afghanistan) and Pakistan. CIA is the main authority to operate the Drones for the counter terrorism activities. It is safe technology for the security of US forces but most dangerous to the enemies. It was also used in Bosnia and Ksovo in the past. It is a constant threat for the people of FATA and KPK in Pakistan. It is a machine that does not know the difference between the innocents and the enemies. It has a unique sound and people feel fear of its blind attacks. It has forced the people of FATA and KPK to move from their homeland to other safe places.

United States of America’s viewpoint

There are different perspectives about the drone attacks in the world. The USA view point is quietly different about the use of Drone technology in coping with terrorism. According to the New York reporter Davis Rohde who was held by the Taliban revealed that drone is a biggest threat to the Taliban and important leaders of Taliban sleep under a tree to avoid being targeted.  The claim that Al-Qaeda key leader Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq was killed by Drone attack. This resulted a shock to Al-Qaeda to a level of systematic loss.

According to John O. Brennan, counter terrorism advisor of Obama on June 2011 claimed that there has not been a single collateral damage in precision and accuracy of drone attacks. Similarly,Professor C. Christine at the centre for peace and security studies in George town University told the New York Times that drones were highly effective and the civilian casualty rates are very rare.

Pakistani perspective

The Drone attacks are violation of Pakistan sovereignty. People of FATA and KPK strongly dislike the Drone attacks because it is a killing machine.  In 2009 the civilian casualties were more than 700 persons.  According to Jamat e Islami central leader Sami ulHaq on March 8,2011 said in a conference that drone attacks kill dozen of innocent people daily. There is severe hatred in the hearts of the Pakistani people about these attacks. President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari condemned these Drone attacks because it is dangerous for the security of civilians in the trial areas.

The report of The Bureau‘s research showed that 2,347 people have been died in these Drone attacks which were started in 2004. This report was announced in August 2011 from Pakistan.  The people who were died include 175 children of Pakistan. These attacks are destroying the infrastructure of the tribal areas and creating unrest in the society of Pashtun.

Local perspective

The local perspective of Drone attacks is quite different as compared to others. The sense of fear of Drone is beneficial for the control of militants. But the other side of the picture is alarming that it is destroying the houses of the people. It is also killing the innocent people. According to the local persons this Drone attack is targeted with the help of a chip which is placed in the area of militants by the intelligent agencies. The poverty is overwhelming cause of such kind of activities. The spies are  paid by the CIA in thousands of Dollars to place the chips in a specific place to achieve the maximum targets.The local people are also used by the CIA to do this task with due care. The locals use this chip naming as patrae (blade) by fixing into the vehicles of the militants.


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