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Ethnographic Study of Voting Behaviour of Youth (Part-1)

Ethnographic Study of Voting Behaviour of Youth (Part-1)

An Ethnographic Study of Young Community with Emphasis on Their Voting Behaviour

A Case Study of Sector G-11, Islamabad


Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad



Muhammad Khaleel Sumra



Thesis submitted to the Department of Anthropology, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, in partial fulfilment of the degree of Master of Sciences in Anthropology


 Department of Anthropology

Quaid-i-Azam University





The particular topic for this study was selected due to its significance in exploring the role of voting behaviour of Youth. The anthropological research methods were used to find out the variables influencing the concerned theme. This behaviour had strong impact on the political development of the country. This study would explore the impact of such variables prevailing in the society of Sector G-11, Islamabad. In social sciences specifically in political sciences voting behaviour was considered as a specific sub-field of political psychology because all over the world the democratic societies were exercising such kind of political participation in elections. The main focus in the study was to find out the variables of transformation that was purely concerned with the behaviour of the Youth. The voting behaviour revealed the curiosity and political understanding of the Youth.

Human beings had lived in the form of groups because of their mutual interest of safety and protection and performed their political role in the political activities for the attainment of power and authority. They were divided in different kinds of groups according to their identities and affiliations to maintain political harmony and stability in the groups. The division of people according to the age and sex was particular in every society in the past. The role of Youth as a group was significant in political activities presenting their voting behaviour for the reciprocated interest of the group. The will of the youth and its adherence to the party could be acknowledged through the voting behaviour.

Voting is very important tool in democratic societies. Democracy provides a chance to the people to become a dynamic citizens rather than inactive subjects.

(Jost, 2006 )

1.1           Voting behaviour

It could be studied with focused orientations in political psychology to interpret such kind of political activities performed by the electorate. It might be influenced by various effective variables to inform the voters about the right choice. The political decisions were the result of voting behaviour of every individual of the society. Voting behaviour can be explained as the decision making strategies of voters, with political indulgent, to exercise the right to cast vote, with a suitable choice to express the identity.

1.2            Statement of the problem

Voting behaviour was an important depiction of human political activity in decision making retort to elect a candidate which could be expected to encounter the desired ends of the community of a particular region.

Voting behaviour would be matured due to many factors which could be emerged through mass media, education, kinship ties, parental advices, and political socialization etc. The focus of this study was to identify these cultural variables influencing Youth behaviour and their impact on the development of the region. It would be an attempt to prove the credibility of the voting behaviour of youth and its structure, environment, worth of youth, perception of the young people about the elections, and its effects on socio-economic conditions of the society.

1.3            Research objectives

  • To find out the variables, influencing the voting behaviour of Youth;
  • To find out the sprout of mass media in voting behaviour of Youth;
  • To find out the provocation of parents in voting behaviour of Youth;
  • To document the perceptions of Youth about their voting behaviour;

1.4            Significance of the study

The explanation of the significance of study could be viewed as there had not been much more literature produced about the voting behaviour limitations towards socio-economic development as their direct association with participation of Pakistani Youth regarding decision making in their social life. This study was an attempt to be made regarding how Pakistani Youth and its different voting behavioural forms played a role as main custom toward socio-economic development.

1.5            Outline of the thesis

The voter sophistication was important for understanding voting behaviour in mass elections. The voter information was based on perceptual data and found that it was significantly related to ideological extremism and voting behaviour. Individuals with a high level of information were tend to be more extreme than those with low levels and were much more likely to vote.


Jost, J. T. (2006). The End of the End of Ideology. American Psychologist, 61(7), pp. 651–670.

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